The Ravens 

A Pagan Training and Study Group, 
focusing on Wicca and Witchcraft

Training and Study

The Ravens Retreat offers a number of levels of study. These include:

Outer Court (Open to all genuine seekers)

(General classes that are not tradition specific, but give an overview of the subject, with further detailed sessions as requested or necessary.These classes are usually held once a month.)

- Paganism

- Wicca and Witchcraft

If an individual believes they have found their path, and wish to follow the Gardnerian Wiccan Tradition then there are further classes to prepare them for Initiation, and, if they wish, progression through the Degree System. This will involve membership of the Coven of the Red Kite, and attendance at their Inner Court Rituals and Training Sessions.

Inner Court (Closed Group for Members of the Coven of the Red Kite)

- Preparation for Initiation to First Degree

(Acceptance onto this course does not automatically guarantee initiation, but will be decided, based on a number of factors, by the High Priestess of the Coven. If initiation is granted, then further training will be offered, but does not necessarily have to be taken up.)

- Preparation for Initiation to Second Degree and the Priesthood of the Craft

- Preparation for Initiation to Third Degree